Streitwagen der Hippus (Civ4 FFH)

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Civ4FFH StreitwagenHippus.png Streitwagen der Hippus
Berittene Einheiten
Stärke 4/2 Civ4Power.png
Bewegung 4 Civ4Fortbewegung.png
Schnell 80 Civ4Produktion.png
Normal 120 Civ4Produktion.png
Langsam 180 Civ4Produktion.png
Episch 240 Civ4Produktion.png
Technologien Handel, Bauwesen
Ressourcen Pferde
Gebäude Belagerungswerkstatt
Spezialeinheit für Hippus
Ersetzt Streitwagen
Fähigkeiten 35% Rückzugschance
Erhält keine Defensivboni
kann Bronzewaffen benutzen
kann Eisenwaffen benutzen
kann Mithrilwaffen benutzen
Modernisierung zu Kriegsstreitwagen

This unit is faster and better at withdrawing than the one it replaces. This is a fast military unit; it is best for pillaging, and moderately good at offense.


Charioteers are fast, nimble and murderous. Although primarily just platforms for carrying warriors into battle, they can hunt down all but the fastest of units and bring the fight to them.

Strategy Text

The chariot is the earliest available Tier 3 unit. It requires a Siege workshop and the Horse resource to be built. Since the Siege workshop can make Catapults as well, civilizations that rush to the techs required for both can have an army capable of high movement, strong city attacking, and Tier 3 unit strength while most other civilizations are still using Tier 2 units. Chariots can be upgraded to War Chariots and War Elephants.